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Congrats Lilmamita!!
I was actually infinitely more comfortable with my breech girl. I thought I was uncomfortable and I thought I was carrying her low (well I was for a breech baby but not in the real scheme of things). But, oh man I have learned real true discomfort with my loooow head down girl this time. My fluid isn't low anymore, we've figured out that it was low because I was a lot more sick with a tummy bug than I thought I was. Looking back I should have realized that a week straight...
I was actually thinking about you the other day. I hope you are doing well and taking the time to heal. Thank you for the well wishes.
Congratulations!! He really is a manly baby I hope he is able to start nursing soon and is able to go home soon after that. Such a cool birth story.
Dang it Serena!! Sorry to hear that. I hope she turns for you
Oh also, I just now realized that my c-section date could be as soon as 2 weeks from today. 14 days from right now I could be cuddling and nursing my baby! I'm so excited and so over being pregnant. I'd gladly welcome her a little sooner than that, but at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
That's insane!! I had no idea about pesticides on clothes! I'm usually pretty good about washing all my dd's clothes before putting them on her but now I'll be adamant about it. And with mine and dh's too! And I have obviously have already washed all this baby's new and hand me down clothes. That is just so crazy to me.
No plans here. Which is making my days draaaaaag. I need to do something to make the days go faster but I just can't muster up the energy. Plus I can only walk for a few minutes before I have to stop. We did finally buy a new dresser big enough for both kids clothes that should be here Friday. So then I can finish washing the 0-3 month clothes and put both kids clothes away. The crib has been primed and is just waiting for paint. I would gladly take that task on myself...
I don't know, but I am wondering if she's posterior. Not that it matters much since I'm planning a c-section. But, if I do happen to go into labor it would be nice to not have to suffer through back labor while I wait for the c-section.
A breech baby is SO MUCH less painful than a head down baby, let me tell ya. I never got any aches or pains or felt so DONE with my first. I think it's because a little bum just doesn't fit into your pelvis as well. But holy crap, I totally get all the pains pregnant women complain about now that I have a head down baby. Sorry you are dealing with morning sickness again! That's no fun! I'd take all these pains over baing sick again.
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