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Anyone get terrible intense pain/pressure in their lower back with contractions? When I was having consistent contractions at 32 weeks they were in my back some, but today I've had a few what seem to be real contractions and the pain in my back is so intense.
You know your husband finally grasps just how much work being a sahm is when he comes home from work on your first day off bedrest and the house is only dectently cleaned (cleaned the kitchen, the bathtub, and just picked up) and he tells you to sit down before you clean that baby out. Haha, for some reason that is so gratifying.
The woman I know who actually lost her baby had no risk factors. It was her 3rd baby. Routine pregnancy and labor/delivery. It was tragic. The other woman I know who's baby got very ill did have a rough labor and delivery. But I don't think she had any other risk factors.
Yep I'm there too. Mainly when I'm walking or when I have a BH. Lots and lots of pelvic pain whenever I move lately. I actually just had a contraction and got intense pain and pressure in my rectum. I didn't enjoy that at all.
Haha, that's how it seems to work huh. Now that you've started to accept it I bet she'll flip. I really do hope she flips for you. A vaginal birth is much easier on the body. Will you attempt an external version soon if she doesn't turn on her own?Dakipode you are not giving in if you stop working in 3 weeks! I think it's amazing that any of you are still working. You didn't know how you were going to feel at this point when you painted yourself into a corner, ya know?...
My recovery wasn't terrible honestly. I was definitely up and doing things before 6 weeks. The first week was really hard, the second week was hard, but I by the beginning of the third week I was no longer taking any pain medicine save for the occasional Motrin. So because of that I was able to drive sooner than the 6 weeks. I wasn't back to my normal self physically for a long time, but the pain stopped after a few weeks. Everyone's experience is different though. Some...
This: "I just don't buy into the spiritual woman earth connection stuff." And this: "I just don't need the right lighting/music/pool to make me feel like a powerful woman- or to bond with my baby." Exactly how I feel. I would have loved to have a vaginal birth with my first but it wasn't in the cards. So, for me specifically, it's not in the cards for the second one. I praise all you vbac ladies out there! Oh Tilly, things sound so rough and full of family drama for...
Good luck! I can't believe we are about to have our very first baby!
My best friend's aunt lost her perfectly healthy son at 1 day old to meningitis caused from GBS. I also have a friend who was positive for GBS and not treated and her baby became very ill. Luckily he is a healthy 6 year old now, but he was affected. To me it's not worth the risk. I have actually been tested twice (once at 32 weeks when I was in the hospital having contractions, once at my 35 week appt). I'm scheduling a c-section so it's not likely my baby would be exposed...
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