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This isn't my craftiness, it's my awesome mom's. I picked out the fabric and she made the canopy. She's also making me a nursing cover out of the middle fabric. I've been crocheting a random blanket out of all my gobs of left over yarn. Not sure how its going to turn out..
My belly seems to feel less sore this morning. She must have been quiet throughout the night. Or I guess like lilmamita said it could be from being up and moving. I've been up more the last 2 days than I should be. But, the spots that get sore are hwr favorite places to push out. Sorry to hear about the panic attacks lilmamita. I too get panicky when I have a low blood sugar and sometimes when my blood pressure gets too low. I've never dealt with real anxiety or panic...
My ultrasound with dd1 was pretty accurate. My dr told me she was about 7lb 8oz on a Friday, I had her on the following Monday and she was 7lb 10oz. My dr said a lot depends on how squished their abdomen is. My dd was breech so they could measure her abdomen pretty well, that could have contributed to the accurate guess. I also know a lot of people who's ultrasound was waaaay off. It just depends I guess
Off the current subject of this thread but does anyone else feel like their insides are getting bruised from the baby movements?? My belly is so dang sore.
mrs&mrs right!? I don't understand how I'm so tired when all I do I lay around all day. I was up yesterday more than I have been in almost 3 weeks and I paid for if. I had a nst, we had dd's 2 year check up, dh had a crossfit event so I ended up going to my parents with dd for the evening. I was BEAT by the time I got home and all I did was sit/lay around at my parents. Breech babies make for interesting belly shapes that's for sure! Regardless you look great! Thanks...
Everyone looks great! mrs&mrs your belly does seem to be a different shape this week! Also, I had a dream you had your boys last night! But they weren't early and were perfectly perfect chubby little guys with tons of blonde hair. They were so cute! So random I know haha. Just thought I'd share that Here is me today at 35 weeks. I look about half as tired as I feel. I'm so ready to be done, but also really need her to stay in there for at least 3 more weeks.
Hang in there mrs&mrs!
My baby has dropped quite a bit. I get checked almost on a weeky basis already because my cervix started thinning out too early. I'm on bedrest because of it. But anyways, he can feel her head right on my cervix. My belly is also a lot lower. I'm just about 35 weeks. This is my second baby. As far as the back ache and cramps I'd call your ob/midwife. Just inform them of what is going on, they may want to see you or they might be able to just reassure you that everything...
Congrats Beep!
False. I'm a SAHM. Edited. Didn't see the thread!
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