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Thanks for the info Aidenn. My dd seems to have a few characteristics that your dd has. My dd has more than 10 words she uses often and correctly. And without prompting. But I don't think she's picking up words as fast as she should be. My dd also seems very stubborn with trying new words that she doesn't feel confident she can say, or a lot of times if she does try to say a word she doesn't annunciate the full word. Just doesn't say the full word. Or if she doesn't try it...
Hands that is abuse. You need to get away from this person. Please please please get help and get yourself and your baby out of this situation.
thefreckledmama I'm glad someone else understands the Grey's obsession! My dh thinks I'm crazy. But really once you get through all the seasons and wait a couple weeks you can start again and it's all fresh. I'm glad the great car seat hunt of 2013 is almost officially over. Good luck with the great rocker/glider/recliner search of 2013! nettlesoup I also wouldn't worry about a new mattress. We had to buy a new one but only because dd1 is using her crib mattress in her...
Dakipode I'm an excellent Netflix marathoner haha. I just caught up on Parks & Rec (actually on Hulu Plus), I've been watching The Killing, the next show in my line up is Orange is the new Black which is a Netflix original I have been hearing lots of good things about. Maybe I'll add vampire diaries to my list. I watched a few episodes of the first season when it started on TV and just couldn't commit myself. It was a bit cheesy for my taste, but everyone I know loves it....
Tilly- your car situation sounds so frustrating. I would take it back. Noticing issues immediately is never a good thing. About your daughter, I think that's a completely personal decision. Don't let your sister bully you into sending your dd away if you want her close. It doesn't mean you don't appreciate all she's done for you. But, also take advantage of her offer if you end up feeling like you don't want dd there. Hi Dakipode and nettlesoup My week is looking to be...
True! I take pride in my meal planning. It's harder now that I'm on bedrest. I can write the meal plan but my husband can only do so much in the kitchen. We had "burritos" that consisted of cooked ground beef, no seasoning whatsoever, on tortillas with cheese and sour cream for dinner last night... The person below me is a clean freak
Neither. Medium pulp. Would you rather eat eggs, toast, and bacon for breakfast or a bowl of cold cereal?
Thanks ladies. I'm coping. Tomorrow starts the days of dd hanging out at my sisters. Hopefully dh will be able to get off work 2 hours early and be home with dd around 3. Then she might be able to still get a decent nap in.
Sadly true. I really need to get a handle on my addiction. It's more to my iPhone, but that's how I check my fb. It's become even worse now that I'm on bedrest. The person below me doesn't nest.
Visit a resort with only one island. Would you rather have a fast and furious extremely painful birth, or a slower calmer less painful birth?
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