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I'm actually a decent crocheter. I just can't seem to find the motivation to start anything...
Thank you for this I would be comfortable with 37 weeks but nothing before that. One of my sisters had twins at 37 weeks and other than being a little small they were perfect. No nicu or anything. They are 6 now and such smart sassy little girls.I basically watch Netflix and play on my phone. Or play with my dd. Well as much as I can, usually it's a tea party in my bed. Or I sit on my deck in a chair while she plays in her sandbox. But that can only last a little while...
I'm really rooting for you and those boys mrs&mrs. 36 weeks is reasonable, definitely not ideal but reasonable. 34 is scary, I agree with you there. But regardless the outcome you have done an amazing job! And they are gonna be healthy beautiful little dudes. Haha about the ice pack on baby A's head. Turn little dude, turn!
Tilly my fluid is fine now and I'm still contracting. I wouldn't worry about your fluid levels Well, it went pretty well. She passed the NST with flying colors again. The ultrasound looked good, fluid levels are good. She's measuring 5lb 2oz so a pound bigger than last week which is great! Placenta looks good. Cord looks good. She's super super low. He checked me and I'm thinner than last time and there is a dimple in my cervix that wasn't there last week. So there were...
True. But mainly just on my dd. She has a great skin tone and looks so damn cute in Neil. The person below me is done having kids after this baby
Oh no mrs&mrs! I am so so sorry! I know these are all things you were hoping to avoid like the plague! Come on baby A fatten up! And boo on the c section consent form. I've had one and will most likely be having another. The recovery sucks. And I'm sure it's even worse with twins. So sorry I'm so sad for you. I hope you can make it to at least 36 weeks.
I have an appt with my actual doctor today. I haven't seen him since I was initially at the hospital for all this stuff. Crossing my fingers that everything looks good and he takes me off bed rest! I really think that will be the outcome because this week has been really calm. Other than a few incidents of more than 4 contractions an hour. Here's to hoping!
42 days if I go by my due date according to my cycle. 37 if I go by an early ultrasound. 35 (or 30, depending) if I have a scheduled c section at 39 weeks. Or even less if this baby makes an early appearance, which I am not thinking is likely anymore since things seem to have calmed down. But, still that's not very much time!
Mrs&mrs- I think your belly looks the perfect size for 33 weeks with twins. You are doing a great job growing those boys! I love that shirt Aidenn. Very cute. There's no cat in your sink!? Looking great (and teeny tiny! Jealous!) sheena. Kali your belly is so cute!! Here CDsmom take a look at these stretch marks. Should make you feel lots better about yours. All the low ones are new to this pregnancy.
Stretch marks. Would you rather watch a horror movie or a comedy?
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