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An orangutan care giver. Not a zoo keeper, but to live at a nature reserve caring for orangutans. I never imagined I would..
Hahaha! I'm sorry it's really not funny. Something about thunder punched in the vagina just made me laugh uncontrollably. I'm actually really ok with being on sex restriction. I have no desire and I know it would just be greatly uncomfortable for me. I do however need to be a better wife and take care of my dh's needs more often....
All the awesome nickelodeon cartoons. Doug, Ahh! Real Monsters, Rocko's Modern Life, Hey Arnold, etc I truly dislike..
Welcome Soleilmama! Glad to have you here! I should also probably introduce myself over in August as I will most likely be having this baby in late August or earlier. My due date is September 6, but I believe it's a few days earlier according to an early ultrasound. And I'm contracting regularly, already effaced 50%, hopefully still not dilating. But honestly my guess is this is all just a show and I'll go full term but like Letnia I just don't want to start over in a new...
True! I watch waaaay to much tv. Especially now that I'm on bedrest. The person below me struggles to accept their pregnant body
Tilly- thanks for the encouragement. I know it's not my fault I can't play with my dd a ton or take her out everyday to do fun summer stuff but it's getting me down for sure! And these contractions are getting old! They huuuuuurt. I'm not sure about the low fluid. It can mean kidney problems for the baby, but her kidneys have looked normal on the last couple ultrasounds. It can be from dehydration, which may have been the culprit for me since I had a tummy bug that gave me...
FALSE! The crib needs to be painted still! We'd just give up on the new paint and set it up but we had already painted on side of one piece so it has to be finished. Dh is not too keen on it so its going to be a struggle to get him to do it. The person below me is excited for labor
Everyone looks so great! I can't believe how close we are getting. chispita I love your skirt! Dakipode your belly has really rounded out. Pregnancy suits your body very well. You look great! I can't wait to see all the big full term bellys in a few weeks!
Ooh that's so hard... I'd say never read a book again. Would you rather be a SAHM or work full time.
Clothes for my my girls! (Still love saying that ) My favorite tv show is...
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