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Sadly my freezer meal plans are out the window I guess I'll just hope my family and friends will bring at least a couple meals over. Stupid bedrest.
That's actually very comforting swissmiss! Thank you!! Now maybe I can stop stressing about my cervix and only stress about her size and my fluid levels haha. I do think I'll carry to at least 37 weeks as long my fluid levels stay normal and she doesn't show any signs of stress.
I have an appt Friday with my doctor. I've still been having contractions daily, not more than 4 an hour max so nothing that needs to be monitored. I'm really hoping they haven't changed my cervix past what it was last week which was 50% effaced. I've really been trying to be good on bedrest and stay down as much as possible. It's so hard!
CDsmom- ughhhh dogs. Mine shredded about 5 pillows in our basement a few months back. They are usually very well behaved and we left them in the basement alone because it was cold outside and we trusted them. They haven't done it again since this incident, but I could have killed them this day. My dh was weird about me leaving the house to take my dd places or go shopping or to hang out with my sisters but he was fine with me doing everything around the house. But, since...
So happy to hear that Serafina!!
My appetite has been up and down too. I had a tummy bug the week after the 4th of July that really screwed me up (and I'm almost positive it's what caused my low amniotic fluid issues along with the contractions and now bedrest). I've had to force myself to eat on multiple occasions. But other times I can't get enough to eat. I'm really watching it now though and making sure I eat and drink enough every day.
Ooh or Cosette. I have a thing for C names.
C is for Cora. Or Capri. Both names I loved but dh vetoed both.
Everyone is looking great!! I love your dress swissmiss! And your hair is amazing. Here I am at 33 weeks and some days. I feel bigger than I think I look. She's really low which I think is why my belly actually looks smaller than it has the last couple weeks. Stay in there baby!
Aww I'm so sorry Serena. I know how much you were looking forward to this trip can he cut his trip short? That seems like the fair thing to do.
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