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Thanks again for all the well wishes ladies. Tilly, my dh was able to take from yesterday all the way until Monday the 29th off work. He was supposed to be on a TDY but his commander told him to stay home. so since no one is in the office he can just stay home. After that we aren't 100% sure how we're going to swing it. I shouldn't be alone with dd for very long, she's 2 and obviously I cannot lay/sit all day long while trying to take care of a 2 year old. But I also would...
I have been avoiding this tread because I've done nothing crafty other than crochet and edging around a burp cloth and make a couple decorations for the girl's room. This doesn't count as my own craftiness at all, but I wanted to share it regardless. My cousin's wife made Violet's quilt with fabric I picked out. All I told her is I wanted a triangle quilt. This picture really doesn't do it justice, it's gorgeous. Now if only I could talk dh into painting the crib so we can...
I would guess the doctor just wouldn't want to risk her going into labor on a plane with a breech baby? Just adds risk to an already risky situation.
Lots of doctors aren't comfortable vaginally delivering a breech baby. My doctor (and myself) was not comfortable with attempting a vaginal delivery with my dd being breech. And I can definitely see the concern with traveling to Kenya with a breech baby. I really hope she turns for you Serena!
I was wondering how your doctor would feel letting you travel with her being breech. Turn baby turn!! I had a breech baby so I understand.
My ultrasound looked better! Fluid levels are in the normal range. She's still just a tiny little thing but the doctor didnt seem too concerned about that. She's measuring 4lb 3oz which would put her due date at sept 21st. I'm due Sept 6th. I know ultrasounds can be off by quite a bit on weight so I'm trying not to stress much about it. And hey maybe she's just a small girl. I'm still on bedrest but overall things seem to be looking better.
If you're worried call your doctor/midwife. The sheet I got about kick counts from the hospital says to call if you don't get 4 kicks in 2 hours or if the baby's activity level has changed from her norm.
I had a NST today at the hospital. Violet passed with flying colors. Perfect looking reactive heartbeat, lots of movement. She seems to be fine in there. But, almost immediately I started having contractions. They were really consistent, pretty strong. Even more so than on Tuesday. They gave me a shot and luckily got them to chill out so I'm back home. I have pills here to take if they pick back up. Tomorrow I have an ultrasound and I'm hoping my fluid levels are ok and...
Serena- drink a big glass of orange juice and lay down. I bet she'll start moving.
I've completely ignored my area down there. I can't even kind of bend over to see her. Plus now with the bedrest and no sex why would I care anyways?? So she's all natural and probably will be for awhile!
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