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Tilly- I bought the blanket off etsy for pretty cheap. I love it. I even have adorable organic Aden & Anais blankets and I always find myself using the cheaply no brand chevron blanket haha. Serena- Liv is adorable! I love her curly hair. I love that you call her Liv. That's one of the nicknames I use for dd1. Beep- omg that face! She is seriously adorable. She should be put in a magazine. Jenny- Adrian looks like such a gentleman with that cute hairdo Cook- I can't...
You are amazing lilmamita. Your determination is so impressive. It sounds like there are already improvements in your supply! I think everything you're doing is great and there is no need to involve a doctor yet. I'm sure he will start gaining now! Way to go mama!! Vc- it definitely sounds like maybe he has some tension in his jaw. Fwiw my sister nursed with a nipple shield for a long time because her nipple was inverted and damaged from a piercing. It worked fine for her...
I think we have the same butterfly chair CDsMom haha
Those sweaters. I wish I could knit! She's so precious CDsMom. I love that squishy nose face she's making. Violet is 7 weeks old. 7!! How did that even happen. She's such a chunky feisty sweet happy little thing. Enjoying a chilly walk this morning
I wish Iived close to you Lilmamita. I would gladly give you some milk. I have probably close to 200 ounces in my freezer. I may need to look into donating some so it doesn't go to waste.
Wow! Congrats!!
I get out all the time too. Today I did crafts at my sisters house. Yesterday I went to a couple stores looking for some things for the girls' Halloween costumes. I get really story crazy if I don't leave the house pretty often.
Dakipode- I second everything that has been said here! Violet feeds about every hour to two hours. She goes 2-3 hours at night. My breasts almost never feel full bu I get a good letdown every time she eats, even if she ate 30 minutes ago. These are all things I didn't realize my first time around too, so I totally get where you're at. Lilmamita I'm so sorry you're going through this. I struggled with supply until we finally weaned at 4 months with dd1. It broke my heart....
Yep. My milk lets down randomly sometimes. And I also get more than one let down during feedings. Not every time, but at least a couple times a day.
Oh man. That's adorable! And I'm a fan of binkys
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