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I haven't even started painting the crib yet let alone setting it up.. I need to get a move on that project!
On the bra subject I got 2 new bras recently. My mom actually bought them for me cause she's awesome like that. The lady at the store sized me and I think she did it wrong. Pre pregnancy I was a 34c.. I think. I've really never been sized correctly. But my boobs have grown significantly and she said I'm a 36c. I tried one on and it was SO uncomfortable. I ended up getting a 38c and a 38d for post partum. But I just cannot imagine that I'm only a C cup when I was a C Pre...
Congrats Livingsky!!
Vc2013- I've been having something in between BH and contractions. They are intense and somewhat painful. It puts a lot of pressure on my cervix but I only get one or two every few days. I am leaning towards them just being BH in my case. Thanks for all the well wishes. Today Sheba to be better. Dd seems fine, she's eating and drinking again. I've been having some stomach cramps though.
Yep sounds like hiccups!
I'm a full time sahm and I'm exhausted! I don't know how some of you ladies are still working. I worked full time through my pregnancy with dd1 and I managed, but I don't know how I did it. This has been a rough few days. My dd caught a tummy bug and has been very randomly throwing up for days now. And I mean randomly. So random I can't even catch it in a bowl. And she had some serious diarrhea. She seems to be ok today.. So far at least. She asked for breakfast so that's...
I don't count kicks either. This baby has been active enough that there hasn't been a need to. With my first I did count kicks. She wasn't very active. It stressed me out to lay there and count kicks. I'd freak out if I didn't count 10 kicks in an hour or whatever the rule was. I'm glad to not feel like I have to count this time. I just pay attention to when she is normally active and make a mental note just in case she is quiet later on in the day.
I got a couple things marked off my list today. I actually didn't have these on my list on here, but they are on the list on my fridge. My mom and I got the fabric for a car seat canopy and a nursing cover (for my own sense of privacy, I'm pretty modest naturally). The nursing cover will be just the flowery top fabric, the canopy will have all 3 of the fabrics incorporated. And, then my mom and sisters got me this awesome diaper bag I have been eyeing. Plus they are...
Anyone else feeling nauseous again? I've been nauseous on and off for about a week now, but this morning its bad. It feels just like first trimester morning sickness. I really don't want to be sick the rest of this pregnancy!
I use a full sized big poofy body pillow. My friend gave me a pregnancy pillow that just didn't work for me. It made my hips and sciatic nerve problems even worse.
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