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Mine hurt. A lot. Especially at night. There's not much I'm doing to help. I do sleep with a body pillow between my legs.
I love that finish for a dresser. And OMG if you convince him to put Old Gallifreyan on the walls you MUST upload a picture. I made a chalkboard sign for my girls' room and had my sister write "Hello Sweetie" on it to slyly incorporate my Doctor Who obsession.
Haha no respect. Made me giggle.
J is for jabs. Countless little baby jabs.
My belly really seems to have rounded out in the last week. Not so pointy anymore.. Or just a better outfit choice this week haha. Either way I'm feeling stretched to capacity.
I am starting to feel the crunch to get things done! We need to paint a crib, still deciding on a color. Light aqua, yellow, or plain boring white... Need to find a decently priced dresser. We plan on the girls (ah I love saying that! ) sharing a room, so the actual room is already set up. Her quilt is almost finished and my cousin should be bringing it in a couple weeks when they come to visit.
B is for Braxton Hicks. SO ANNOYING.
Serena- sorry you're so stressed about traveling. I think it's risky, but not impossible. And, I think because you need to be around your DB and meet his family it's a risk you should take. Assuming you do not become high risk between now and then. As far as time off for dh afterwards, We're somewhere in the middle of everyone it seems. He is military so he automatically get the 10 consecutive days after birth off, and then since he is really very lucky to have the...
Leave the windows open! We leave ours open at night and it cools way way down by morning. It really has made a the difference. The nights we forget to open them it's still almost 80 degrees in the house in the morning, but when we open them it's down to 69-70
I woke up in the middle of the night (as I always do these days) and my little girl had hiccups. I obviously hadn't eaten anything haha. And currently she has them again, I haven't had breakfast yet. So, I'm thinking for mine there must not be a correlation to eating/drinking and her hiccups.
New Posts  All Forums: