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Mine hiccups daily. Sometimes she does multiple times a day. I haven't been able to pinpoint if its something I eat or drink. I can say my first dd had hiccups even more than this one and she hasn't had any reflux/food allergies/sensitivities. I'm hoping its the same this time around!
I also can't believe we are all getting so close either! I realized today if I opt for the planned c section rather than a vbac, which is my most likely scenario, I have 8 weeks! 8. Weeks. 8!! I have SO MUCH TO DO.
Thanks ladies! Tilly I do not feel sweet and glowing. I feel huge. Last time I had a couple done that I hated. I waited too long so my face was all pregnant, I didn't know how to dress the bump, and I pulled my hair back. All very bad things for pics. So I was determined to get good ones this time! Oh and thanks, I think my dd is pretty dang gorgeous swissmiss, luckily my sister is a photographer. So she just does them for me. I hate having pictures taken so at least with...
Here are some of my maternity pics. Sorry for the over load!
Everyone looks great! Love the bangs Tilly. I got a few maternity pics done tonight so I'll post one or two when I get them back
I'm in northern Utah and its HOT. Over 100 the past few days. Very dry and very hot. We just have an evaporative cooler at our house which only cools the house down 20 degrees from what it is outside. So my house is 80+ degrees. I'm melting. We have fans and those help. Other than that I vacate my house as often as possible. My parents and my sister have AC's at their houses so I hang out at one of their houses a bunch.
Yep. I am very sore. My legs are extremely achy. They ache when I wake up now where I used to sleep it off. Still having pretty terrible sciatic nerve and hip pain. I even feel like my belly is sore from all her movements. It almost feels like a bruise in certain spots. My ribs have been feeling better surprisingly, but I think that's because she has settled down low. I also feel like I am having real mild contractions randomly on top of intense Braxton hicks. I get...
Yep! That's how I feel. I can't say if she's really really active or if my first was just very quiet. She was breech, and this one is not. Let me just say that makes a HUGE difference in comfort. Head down babies are surpremely more uncomfortable.
I'm so glad to head your cervix lengthened Serafina! What a relief! Keep doing what you're doing, because its obviously working. I've had nearly debilitating sciatic nerve pain the last few days. Everything I have researched pretty much says I get to just deal with it. Any recommendations for relief? I did quite a bit of walking yesterday and by dinner time I could barely walk. Needless to say this is not ok when I have an almost 2 year old to contend with. As far as...
I feel like I need a mental hospital today. I cried, like a good hard cry, because my dd fell asleep in the car before her normal nap time and wouldn't stay asleep when we got home 10 minutes after she had fallen asleep. I cried. Haha. I needed that hour and a half of quiet. I did end up pulling myself together and we had a decent afternoon of her playing with my hair and being cute.
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