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Oh and I SO need a week off. My dh was in Guam for almost 2 weeks, then was jet lagged all last week, and now is back to his normal lazy get home from work and lay on the couch while I take care of dd, make dinner, clean up dinner, feed the dogs, bathe dd, clean up from the day, and do bedtime stuff with dd, and occasionally take care of my "wifely duties" once dd is in bed. All this after a full day of household things and playing with dd. I don't know how working moms do...
Mrs&mrs- my sisters both have twins. One had a singleton first and then twins, the other had twins and then a singleton. Both say that twin pregnancies are not even comparable to singleton pregnancies. Twins are very difficult and I so feel for you! I am having a hard enough time with this single baby!
I had insomnia in my first trimester and my dd was going through the 18 month sleep regression. It was absolute HELL. Hell I tell you. That's all better now. She's been taking a great nap almost everyday and sleeps from 9-7 at night. So I've been able to sleep really well. But, the last few nights I wake up multiple times with terrible hip and leg pain. Plus I have some sciatica going on which makes the already difficult task of rolling over in bed that much more...
I just wrote down my to do list. I'll post it here too, I really don't have THAT MUCH to do.. haha -Wash carseat (both DD's and new baby's) Paint crib (we plan for the baby to be in our room for at least 6 months, but will be nice for naps.. And helps me nest) -Get crib mattress, sheets. -Find new dresser, preferably one that will hold both kids clothes. -Fabric for nursing cover and carseat cover. -Diaper bag (mom and sisters most likely getting this) -Swaddle...
I'm in! I'll go send the request now
We tell everyone. I love the name we chose and don't care what anyone else thinks. We haven't had any negative reactions at all though, only positive. Except my father in law gave me a weird vibe. Which doesn't matter to me at all, and he's a really tough guy to read so I might have just imagined that anyways haha.
75 for me! And minus a week give or take if I opt for a planned c-section again. Getting so close and I have a huge list of things I haven't even started to tackle for the baby.
You looks great lilmamita! Glad it went well!
I had my appt today. He checked my cervix and its still hard and closed. Thank goodness. My BH have gotten very strong but more spaced out. I only get a few a day now instead of a few an hour. Keep us updated Serafina!
Awww mrs&mrs you are so so allowed to complain. You're growing 2 humans! Not just 1, but 2 of them! I'm miserable with my one!! Yay for healthy all around! I'm hoping that your friend is right about active on the inside and calm on the outside. I'm very nervous with how active my little girl is in there. Keep trucking! It'll be over before you know it and all this hard work will pay off with two beautiful healthy boys!
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