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Everyone looks amazing! And Serena you seriously look adorable. Here's me in a dressing room at target trying on an outfit for upcoming maternity pics. Up 25 pounds.
lilmamita my first was way more calm in utero than this one. Her movements were more how you describe yours. I only felt her a few times a day. Every baby is different. Try not to stress too much!
This. Exactly this.
Mine moves more than she doesn't move. And if she's not moving she probably has hiccups.
Omg Aidenn your girls are gorgeous! I gained everywhere with my dd1 and this time I seem to mainly be just getting a belly. My thighs have gotten bigger, but not as bad as with dd1. So far at least. Mrs&mrs- that belly!! You look fantastic!
Sorry to hear that Serafina! I hope it doesn't get any shorter. Take it easy from now on! I have an appt Friday. I'm assuming mine will be fine.
Mine just goes flat and ugly. I've had 2 laparoscopic surgeries that used my belly button as one of the surgical sites. I also pierced my belly button a couple times when I was young and that left some pretty ugly scars too. So those things combined with a stretching belly have left my belly button hideous. I got a little stretch mark above it coming from the piercing scars in my first pregnancy, and that stretch mark has spread a ton so far this pregnancy. I wish I had a...
Tilly- I didn't figure it out. But, I am chalking it up to gas pain. I think it was so bad because my ribs and back are already so tender. It hasn't happened again. And I really hope it doesn't! As far as Father's Day goes, I made my dh a little 4x6 frame with an adorable pic of our dd to put on his desk at work and got him a card. He's been in Guam for the past 2 weeks but is due home this afternoon (yay!). He really wants a weight lifting belt but I can't get that...
Everyone looks amazing! Sarahl918 you are such a tiny little thing! This was me the other day about to go swimming. I'm about to bust out of my swimming suit haha. And that's my sweet dd admiring her own swimming outfit. And this is today, 28 weeks. I feel very much in my third trimester.
I'll jump on the miserable bandwagon. I woke up this morning with bad hip pain. Then after I actually got out of bed my ribs and mid to lower back were killing me. I'm talking almost in tears pain. And I don't cry from pain! I pride myself in being pretty dang tough. I ended up calling my doctor to see what he thinks is going on. Then I took a gas x pill because that's the only thing I could think it was. And thank god it helped. I was able to breath and function. But...
New Posts  All Forums: