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My dd was breech from at least 26 weeks on. She was head down at her anatomy scan at 22 weeks, then flipped at some point. Little stinker never ever attempted to flip head down. I had scheduled a time to have her flipped, but my mama intuition kicked in and I just really thought it was a bad idea in my case. I could tell she was stuck and wasn't going to budge. During my c section it took an abnormal amount of time for the doctor to get her out after he had his hands on...
I love the tiny person dance party in my uterus. Until she goes a low that she is kicking some very uncomfortable nerves. Any crazy yoga moves I can do to move her up some?
I'm in the c-section camp too Thebyr. Totally ok with it. I had a planned one with my first (breech) and I am planning to have another one. Even though I *could* probably have a vbac, I just don't want to stress about it. I don't feel like I'm missing out. So, yes what Thebyr said. Don't beat yourselves up if it doesn't a go according to plan. I so wanted a vaginal birth with my daughter. But at 26 weeks she was breech and at that point I just knew she wasn't going to...
Everyone looks great! Haha, I wish I didn't feel like I look pregnant lilmamita. I just *feel* pregnant. My belly is so low and torpedo like lately.
Great news serafina!
I'm in that camp as well.
Everyone is looking great!! Measuring 32 weeks already mrs&mrs!? Oh you poor lady it will all be worth it when you get to hold those 2 sweet boys.
lilmamita- the name we decided on, Violet, was on my initial name list and my dh immediately crosses it off. A month later I suggested it again and he liked it and now it's the name. Men.
tilly that sounds so frustrating. I really hope you are able to have the birth you want. I'm stressing about where dd is going to be during my most likely 3 night hospital stay. We plan for dh to go home every night so she can at least sleep at home, and she can hang out at the hospital in the morning/early afternoon but there's only so much hospital a 2 year old can take. I have no experience trying to get insurance to pay for a home birth so I'm no help there. mrs&mrs...
I've been having quite a few dreams that involve my ex's. Non that are sexual. It's odd. Also, my hips are hurting more and more every morning. I think I need a better pillow to put inbetween my legs.
New Posts  All Forums: