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This is my second too. I popped right out this time!
Well it's official. This baby has a name. DH finally agreed even though I've known for awhile what her name is. Violet Naír
I'm feeling like this too. Sorta. I have bought one outfit and I pulled out my dd's newborn and 0-3 month hand me downs already. Other than that I haven't done anything. I do plan on painting the crib and that can't wait too much longer because its a big job and I don't want to do it in the hundred degree summer weather. Oh I have also bought fabric for a quilt, but it hasn't been started yet.
Looking good ladies!! swissmiss I think I'm about as big bellied as you and I'm 22w5d. But I FEEL big.
Letnialynne it was the longest 10 days ever. I really hope it all goes better this time. And, reading that birth control has been used to decrease supply just reaffirms that my dh gets to worry about birth control this time.
Congrats Beep! Girls are catching up!
I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone in supply issues. My nursing relationship with my dd was actually very easy from the get go. She never had latch issues or anything. But, I did have a planned c section with absolutely no labor and it took a solid 10 days for my milk to finally come in. I always seemed to teeter on the edge of having just enough to get by. Then I got an iud at my 6 week post partum appt and it all went down from there. By 4 months post partum my milk was...
That's exactly what i'm hoping for too. I had major major supply issues.
Same here devilish and nettlesoup. I'm loving how active she is.
Good luck freckledmama! CDsMom your post made me curious,,, lo and behold I also have colostrum already
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