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First off, you are not a failure! When babies get worked up like that it's almost impossible to get them to latch well and stay latched. He's probably hungry and/or over stimulated. Violet has lots of these screaming fits daily, but she's colicky so I normally know the reason behind the screaming. Doesn't make to any easier though. Have you tried white noise? Sometimes if I can tell that Vi is over stimulated the white noise calms her right down. With dd1 she would bounce...
Congrats!! Can't wait to pictures!
All such beautiful babies!!
Wow! Intense!! Great job mama. She's absolutely beautiful. Congrats!!
Congrats!! It is a bummer you didn't get your vbac, but awesome that you are able to move past it. Layla is beautiful. I hope your recovery is going well. I know for me the second c section recovery was a million times better, but I didn't labor. I'm sure that makes a difference
She's beautiful Haurelia! I love love love her name!! Wow! Look how big Silas is! He's so strong already! My Violet is only about a week behind him but I don't imagine she will be lifting her head up like that by then. Go Silas!
Oh my. He is so precious!
Congrats again! She's so cute!
Congrats! He's a handsome little guy
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