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I had my second appointment today. He initially tried to find the heartbeat with the Doppler but couldn't. So we did a quick ultrasound. Everything is looking good. I'm 11 weeks and the baby is measuring at 12 weeks. I'm positive on my dates so this baby is just growing fast.
I remember with my dd all of a sudden I could feel it and it was unmistakeable. So I'm almost certain I have not felt it yet. But I do feel huge and I have tons of round ligament pains. So who knows
How far are you Madelyn? I'm 10w5d and can't seem to feel my uterus yet. Or I don't know what I'm feeling for? That's a good possibility. Or also it could just be that it's still behind my pubic bone.
I'm struggling to cook too. I can't handle raw meat. I make my dh cook it and normally I take over from there. But there has also been a lot of frozen meals in the house. Not to mention actually getting to the grocery store and getting groceries to make meals is a huge struggle. I can get maybe 3 meals worth at a time before all my energy is gone. I have my second appt on Friday, I should be 11 weeks. If everything goes well after that appt I officially give myself...
Well I finally gave in and took a belly pic. I'm 10w4d. I still think most if not all is bloating. I'm really constipated and bloated. I have a hard time believing I am actually showing at 10 weeks. I didn't look this pregnant with my dd at 16 weeks.. And I was constipated and bloated with her too but not as bad as I am this time. Who knows! All I know is I feel huge and I am already having to rubber band my pants.
That's great news beep! So happy to hear it
So sorry for your loss 100% mom.
Amanda bee- I really like that name. But, I'm still hoping to be able to carry on his heritage (if its a boy) with a middle name and obviously his very Mexican last name. Middle name I would be fine with Anthony/Antonio. My husbands middle name is Anthony and his grandfathers name is Antonio.
I have a few girl names I like. But, nothing I'm absolutely set on. I have pretty much no boy names on my list at this point. DH and I have different naming styles when it comes to boys. He is 1/4 Mexican 1/4 Brazilian and has the tendency to want a Mexican name (Juan Julio José etc...) I do not like that style at all, not to mention he doesn't look Hispanic at all. And our dd is blonde as blonde can be. The only thing that gives his heritage away is his last name. I would...
Well I just had McDonald's for lunch at the airport. I got a chicken sandwich and it wasn't too chicken-y. I think since it was super unhealthy and deep fried. Awesome job mouth, way to keep me healthy 😉
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