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Aidenn- ugh pants are my nemesis now. Shirts too actually. I am wearing my maxi skirts and one pair jeans that I bought after dd1's pregnancy. They are at least 2-3 sizes bigger than my normal pants. I can pull my normal pants up but buttoning them is another story. My shirts also aren't fitting well. Pre pregnancy I am fairly small waisted and have C cup boobs. Now, my waist is inches bigger and my boobs are at least 2 cup sizes bigger. So that makes all my shirts short...
So cute!!
She's beautiful!
Congrats! Can't wait for pics!!
She's beautiful CDsMom! Congrats! I'm sorry you didn't get your vbac. Be gentle on yourself.
Oh, also I had Vi the day before the full moon I believe. I expect we'll see lots of babies soon!
Hang in there ladies. I had tons of restless nights filled with contractions and by morning they were (thankfully for me since I wasn't full term) gone and my uterus would be chill the rest of the day. But eventually the pressure of Vi being so damn low and the contractions broke my water. You will all meet your babies soon!
2 recommendations for that book. I guess I better go get it! I didn't end up quitting coffee this morning.. I just couldn't do it! But Violet has been calmer so far today. I have been wearing her most the morning. I just fed and burped her and she's quite calm even not bein worn. We'll see how long that lasts once I change her and get her dressed for the day I am lucky that she sleeps pretty well at night. Only woke up at midnight, 2:30, and 6. And she goes right back to...
Yay!! That's awesome!! Did I miss a post from nettlesoup? Wasn't she induced a couple days ago?
I forgot to add that I'm going to brew some fennel tea for myself and start drinking that. I've read it can help a colicky baby. Gripe water is just fennel and ginger so I wonder if ginger tea might help too... Hmm. I'm dropping coffee tomorrow to see if that will help her some. I'm quite sad about that and I'm really hoping she's just as angry without me drinking coffee
New Posts  All Forums: