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Countrybound- I really don't know about poas yet. I haven't even really gotten the itch yet. My lack of patience last cycle led to a double disappointment. Sooo I think I'd wait to see if AF is late. She is due to start on the 29th. We'll see how the next week goes. I'm still crampy today. More dull achey type cramps. Trying not to read into those at all. And trying not to read into my temp dip and rise again this morning. As far as your test goes, I can't see a line. Not...
Sparklemaman I am so happy to see you back!! Good luck. I really hope this is your month. So sorry AngelKissedKids. What a bummer. AFM- my temp went back up this morning. Which has my mind having a really hard time trying not to think implantation dip... Haha not symptom spotting!!
Oh JoyfamMama I am so sorry. What a devestating blow. I wish I had the words to help. You'll get another baby. I just know it! I have personally seen how bad PCOS can be. My oldest sister had a severe SEVERE case. She had her first son no issues and then bam. Cysts bigger than her uterus all the time. Even on BCP. Multiple surgeries to remove cysts. She was put on metformin obviously and was able to work with her (mine as well) doctor and she got pregnant with twins!...
Congrats happybunny!! How exciting.
Cindy-Lu I take my temp between 4:30-5:30 most days. A couple times it's been later. My chart gets mad at me when I don't take them at the exact same time everyday lol. But mine are not rocky or jagged even with the hour or so difference. It's my first month doing it. I actually think I am gonna stop temping at 10DPO because if I am gonna get AF I don't want to see my temp dip and get sad before she actually starts. Dahlia- I'm so glad you talked to your friend!!
That sounds tough Dahlia. Maybe her pregnancy hormones are getting the best of her being pregnant really is not a comfortable experience physically or emotionally. As I'm sure you will soon find out!
Is your friend jealous? Does she want to be TTC?? That would make sense as to why she was such a downer. I only have a couple close friends who know and they have been pretty supportive. And know not to ask me lots of questions because it would drive me nuts lol. They know I would tell them any important info. Same with my sisters and mom.
I would only be 11dpo on Christmas. I don't want to test that early. I'm hoping for a New Year's Eve announcement to my dd and close family.
What a fun Christmas surprise that would be though!
We posted at the same time countrybound. Did you look at your old charts?
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