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i just had hubby help take apart the xbox and put ti back together so we could dust the crap out of it, considering cleaning the computer today to... in addition to this mornings kitchen cleaning frenxy, freezer and fridge are done oven is done dishes done etc etc etc lol
yule (pagan form of Christmas) but i generally love the winter to begin with so long as there is snow! LOL If you could only have one item on a deserted isle what would it be?? 
i love those to but add criminal minds LOL  I dont get a chance to forget this baby is CONSTANTLY moving on a feelable level LOL
dream vacation.... well its not so much a "vacation" as it is work for me but its on a veterinary team in south Africa in Kruger national park, it costs 1000$ per month for room and board and its a volunteer thing you also have to cover all your inoculations and travel papers and work vise and there is a minimum 6 month commitment BUT i don't think i can think of something i want to do more! i was going to take it as my work placement in college but 6 months was to long...
im doing the OMG movement while laying in bed as well O_o im just glad all i have to do is poke my hubby and have him push me over if i am feeling dead in the middle of the night LOL Actually he woke up the other night we were both sleeping and he woke up while giving me a back rub LOL no wonder i have been starting to sleep through the night! LOL 
my mom got pregnant with my brother just as a teachers strike was ending when i was a kid so i never got to see a sonogram live and in action since we really couldnt afford any more time off school (one of the longest teachers strikes in our area ever, after that they made it so teachers cant do the picketing walkout strikes.) so the first baby i saw live on a sono was in my first pregnancy with our angel baby Alex.  
omg tooo cute. love that idea ill have to remember that for next time! LOL we did a huge facebook bet starting 14 days before the sono had 50ish people end up placing bets everyone that won got tagged in the picture privately and were the first to know outside us and the grandparents. once they all saw (or 90% of them anyways) we opened it up as a public album LOL 
shark diving is fun mind you i have swam with sharks before but they werent the kind that could eat or injure people.. they were just 12 foot nurse sharks LOL 
the skull is actually a bunch of separate bones and yes it is the soft spot the tech showed us it on Xavier 
starting into the scrap booking today.... need to get a new book itself but i have like a tote of materials for scrap booking so i can get the pages done and get the book later when i find one i like LOL 
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