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Apparently this pregnancy is completely different.  LOL  I am 18w3d and have already put on almost 5 pounds  LOL.  we had the big ultrasound today and munchkin is already a guesstimate 10oz.  :)  and she is another LONG baby.  (I feel sorry for my ribs in the 3rd Trimester  LOL) 
I am not part of that group on FB.  too much drama always.  LOL  so I do it myself :)  I have a couple close friends in the area that parent the same as I do and they are amazing support for me.  minus the drama.  :)
I know there are a ton of blogs out there for you too.  :)  I come across them every so often.  have you tried googling for some?  just an idea
I tried to post the link, but Mothering sent it thru for approval LOL
I LOVE Raising Arrows.  they have one for girls too - Raising Homemakers.  both super awesome!!!  :)
I can see why it would have been taken down for the Moby - the Moby is stretchy and it risks squishing the one baby as the other pulls with his/her weight.  You can TANDEM wear SAFELY with a NON-STRETCH wrap...  Rhapsody works great for Tandem wearing I am told.  I am getting ready to learn how to Tandem wear here soon.  I have a 7 month old currently and am due to deliver my 4th baby when my 7 month old hits 1 year old.  LOL  2 non-walkers.  LOL  so I will be learning...
I grew up in with simply my sister and I.  so #4 is kind of a big deal around here.  LOL  however, my husband is 1 of 9!  so that is a supersize family  to me.  LOL  we already are trying to transition to Cloth Diapering to help with at least the diaper budget.  LOL  and we are eating out less and less.  We deal with several kiddos with food allergies (wheat, milk)  and so that usually cuts out the majority of everywhere for eating out.  LOL  We suck at budgeting - but...
so what exactly is considered a large family?  we are expecting #4.  in the Army that is considered large. LOL  but not sure what it is in the real world.  LOL  
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