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See when I first looked at it I thought I saw a faint line.. But mom said no. I went and looked again maybe 10-15mins later and it was it is in the picture. &i just gave my son a bath and sitting on the side and bending over created pressure.. Not so much as pain. Just a reminder "oh hey u could have problem" type deal. Lol lack of better words. Before my period or spotting (whatever that was) I did have sore breast .. I would throw up at strange smells, but now breast...
Is it possible the test could have been a mistake?
What's that? I'm seriously scared to test again y'all.
I was 6days late when taking this.. I kept telling my mother I felt preg so she buys two test to prove me "wrong" this was our final score. I showed my husband but the next day I started lightly bleeding ..pinkish then by night it Was a little redder 24hrs later it was over..I went to the health clinic they said to go to the er which I found ridiculous being that I felt no pain. I've just talked myself into thinking I'm not pregnant. But now I'm hurting on my left side...
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