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This happens all the time to me i waste so much money on pregnancy test because i want to become pregnant so bad and i cant. All it is, is ur cycle is changing u should have your period by wed.. If not give it another week then make an appointment at the doctors to get  free test done instead of spending money on one.. Good luck
No I haven't gotten any test done yet but im going to get right on because this is becoming upsetting... Thanks for sharing ur story with me! Good luck to u and yours!
When i first got my IUD it didnt hurt because i just had gotten an abortion. While on this method of birth control i didnt have any bleeding or spotting i had it for four years.. When i went for my last check up they could not find it my boyfriend actually moved it further up into my body so i had to get it removed by a specialist which hurt like hell. So for the last year i been ttc and nothing yet. I dont like the IUD and i dont recommond it to anyone because it is...
I am a 26 year old female i had my IUD removed a year ago and i been trying to concieve for the last year and no luck. Has anyone else had this problem?
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