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Hi everyone. I haven't checked on this discussion thread since I first applied for the position of Internet Assessor. I have been working for LB for 8 months now, and I finally decided to come back here and share some inside info, tips and tricks. So here are my subjective answers to a few popular questions:   1) When applying for the job, I think it is more important to address their selection criteria, than to demonstrate some special knowledge or work experience....
Thanks everyone. I emailed LB. Turns out they made a mistake, but it's all good now. I should have asked them sooner, but I was afraid I missed something and didn't want to look silly.
Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. I just received an invitation from Lionbridge to take the initial qualification exam through Survey Monkey. The email said: "Please ensure that you very carefully study the exam guidelines that have already been sent to you before completing the exam and also refer to the guidelines frequently while you take the exam as this will hugely increase your chances of scoring a passing grade."   The problem is I don't remember receiving...
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