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Quote: Originally Posted by nonnymoose and they light up when they first see each other. The light tends to die down pretty quickly sometimes, though. That's when the trains start flying through the air! Jelly has started not allowing me to walk to where Jonathan's class waits for parents. "She" has to get her brother now and i have to wait over by the fence!! And it doesn't take long for them to start in on each other!!
Tatoos are cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by fullofgrace Oh it is true. Some might say one could have too many posts to be a thread killer. But many posts or low posts can both make one heck of a thread killer. A little funny- The first time I posted in IPTK, Someone responded by saying "How could you be invisable?? Someone just started a thread about you in TAO!!" I had no idea- Someone like something in my sig.....
Quote: Originally Posted by tireesix Would you at any point stop and think...... Hang on a minute, this isn't a good sign about my eating habits, in fact, carrying on eating to the point of feeling sick is just insane and to then go on and actually make yourself sick is just sheer madness?????? If I had an eating disorder I would probably not think this way. Or maybe I would, after every time I did it?
Quote: Originally Posted by fullofgrace Now now - thread killers come in all post levels. I gues that could be true.
Quote: Originally Posted by wytchywoman You say wytch like it's a bad thing Actually I'd take that as a compliment. :
Quote: Originally Posted by CaraNicole I eat threads for breakfast,
Quote: Originally Posted by tsume hee - same thing happened to me! 'cept I was just ignored. oh well. If I was around that day I would have said
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