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I was measuring at 32 at my 33 wk appointment and my MW said that is normal. Growth should slow toward the end and as baby drops. She said she gets concerned if people measure at 40 and that it can be normal to never pass 36. I trust her. 30 years experience!
Could also be something you ate. I realized pretty early in pregnancy that I cannot eat polenta or grits - bad cramping, diarrhea. And hot flashes could easily go along with a food reaction.
I have been doing yoga since age 12 with my hippy dad, but I feel like a constant beginner because I just can't get it in often enough to really be flexible. Does anyone have a prenatal video they love? I would love to practice more and working 6 days a week has made it hard to make classes.
Had my first flutters last week. Took me a few times to be sure because the first two times was in the shower. Then finally when I was sitting down for a meal on Sunday. It's weird though, because I am not showing much, 14 weeks, I'm surprised to feel anything.
I'm similar in that I wasn't sure I wanted any ultrasounds. It just seemed unnecessary. This is my first, and so far I have not had any ultrasounds. And I don't want to know the sex. But for the reasons listed above by willsmomm and BabySmurf I will be doing the 20 week. It seems like if there is one to do, this is it.
I am still not showing much, but my pants don't fit, so I decided it was time to get some maternity clothes. Up til now I had gathered just a few second hand things. I had heard about a website, www.ASOS.COM, and decided to check it out. I was really impressed and right now is a big sale and free shipping and returns. I sound like a commercial, but I am really excited for what I ordered. Hopefully there will be photos to follow.
Yes please!
I am an herbalist and would love to get to know Gaia.
My partner's father doesn't know we are pregnant yet. He lives out of state and we are not close. Today he emailed his 3 children, including my SO, saying he had a dream about a little girl...is anyone pregnant? I was shocked. He's not exactly an intuitive guy and had no idea we were trying. Now the other two have replied no. We might just have to tell.
Planning a home birth for number one. Like you said, BabySmurf, I have a high deductible, so even though its spendy, it's still cheaper than a hospital. And midwife is a CNM, so if we get better insurance it might cover (fingers crossed). I have been to one home birth as a doula and baby was born within the hour that I arrived. And a friend of mine just had her first babe, a water birth, and didn't even have to push! And she is a skinny lil thing. So I am feeling...
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