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Hello, if you live in thurrock (grays) can you tell if there is a gym in the area?? Im new in the town :-) thanks.  
children learn so fastthis would not be a problem for long no matter what their ability. 
if you do it right it wont even feel like u are teaching and the child is being taught
just say a town . . .no one will ever figure to question this for fear of looking dumb
what ??? mixed kids cuter . . .says who ??? that's almost a racsist statement
there's is always going to misunderstandings in relationships and it can easily be attributed to culture . . .but its not a reason to blame or demonise culure
countries are a construct as is race . . . the notion of culture while real is not a issue to make a child's development or chances full of issues. that's something people will put on him or her like it or not but where possible the only culture that should be regarded is decency and tolerance.and that is what should be the focus and what should be being promoted.
some interesting points. . .  the bottom line is growing up in a multi cultural family will help you in the long term as out world is increasingly multi cultural. the notion of the country will become more and more akin to the states within the united states . . . . individual but linked in way that's almost indifferent to the outsiders. 
im nursing 3 times now, and he is 18 months. im plannig to stop when he is 2yo
i have the same issue and im curious on some experienced mums replies. 
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