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Sorry I haven't posted sooner but I had my twins at home. They were my first and it was amazing! I had them at 37wks. and they were born 3 1/2 hours apart! I agree with all the diet stuff (no sugar, lots of protein). Towards the end I drank at least 3 protein shaked a day because I couldn't get much food I was running out of room! The girl's were 5lb. 14 oz. and 6lb. 11oz. Good luck to everyone!
I'd like to respond to my sleep deprivation comment. We do use a family bed and I nursed the girls for 20 months. It seemed like they were nursing all the time but at least using the family bed I was able to get some sleep while one was nursing. Now that I am no longer nursing but we are still sleeping together I have one baby who sleeps between my legs so she can suck my twinskin to sleep and the other baby is wrapped around my head playing with my hair. The stuff I do...
Twinmommy, Thank you for sharing your birth story I'm glad everything worked out! JoDoula, Here's my answers to your questions: 1. I did not need to pump. It's amazing what the body can do. When my milk came in I went from a 34B to a 36E! Can you imagine that!!! 2. I used the New native baby slings and loved them. I was able to criss cross them and leave the house by myself to run errands. It was also nice not having to worry about getting a big stroller...
Welcome JoDoula! Congratulations on your pregnancy! If you haven't already checked out the thread "twins at home" it's under pregnancy and homebirth. We shared pretty many stories there. If I can answer any questions for you let me know. Best Wishes to you!
We use Motherease. They had some combo pack that I got and I never bought more diapers I only had to get covers as the girls got bigger. The total diapers was 36 and each baby had 2-3 covers. I also purchased the liners that go in the diapers and those work great! I launder the diapers every other day. We are trying to potty train and I just bought the ME training pants and those are also nice.
Nice to meet everyone! I chatted with a few of you on another thread that we had started but I will reintroduce myself. I'm a 27yr. old SAHM to identical girls. They were born at home at 37wks. They were strictly breastfed for 20 months! Now we are working on potty training! We still use the family bed and love to snuggle with our dd's!
I also never supplemented with my girls. My only advice is to eat and drink enough to feed three and have a positive mental attitude. When I told people I was having a homebirth with my twins most of them said I wouldn't be able to do it. Also, they said I wouldn't produce enough milk to feed them. Well I had a natural homebirth and strictly breastfed them for 20 months! I think everyone just made me stronger in knowing what I wanted. Best of wishes with your new babes!
I weaned my dd's at 20 months. We sleep with them in a king bed in their bedroom. I guess it sounds terrible but I would say goodbye when it was bedtime and pretend to leave the house but I would really go into our bedroom and sleep and my dh would put the girls to bed and stay sleeping with them. It took about 3-5 nights until I could come back to bed. Now instead of nursing I have one that sucks my twinskin to sleep and the other plays with my hair. I always said that I...
Congratulations Chiromom, My husband is a chiropractor and I had a homebirth with my twins. I got adjusted all the time and I truly believe that's what helped my girls go head down. They were also adjusted a few hours after their birth. You are a strong and powerful woman! Blessings to all!
Welcome baby Lucas & Ezekiel! Hope all is well with everyone. BTW I used a boppy to nurse my girls and it worked great. As they got bigger I would put a pillow under the one side so it would support them more and I could still be hands free. It's amazing the positions you can create to nurse twins! Good luck to you all.
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