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Thanks for the recommendation I bought a cheap one from us pro I think? Its got a slight texture but I still find my hands slipping they get quite sweaty during normal practise so I think I might have to keep a towel on hand unless someone can suggest another way to keep hands dry? I did my first yoga class yesterday it felt great plus I got crow for the first time!!!! I was too proud of myself progress can happpen when least expected I really wanted to try hot vinyasa...
Thanks for the input about getting OH in the mood, normally I try not to worry about it but this month will be 3 yrs of trying and its getting to mein october Ill be eligible for IVF but I really hoped we wouldve conceived by then sorry for my negativity. Eek all the talk of beds bugs has made me itch I dont do well with creepy crawlies lol. I thought I could see something on the first pic but Im not sure hope you get a strong positive soon.
Sorry to hear af came for you Oxford someone once told me not to see it as a failure but just another step closer to getting your bfp. Chrissy - your so lucky I was so disappointed it didn't snow this winter I know Im weird but I actually like it. In my fertile time now but as per OH isnt in the mood although hes been sick this past week so I cant really blame him just frustrating that something always comes up.
MrsMike - I subscribed to kino yoga and tara stiles on youtube but if you search for beginner yoga and you can find plenty more. I also love briohny and dice she has some videos on yogis annonymous but their more advanced (handstands, splits etc) Mammal_mama - I just wanted to say congrats on your weight loss do you have anything planned for reaching your goal?
I think its a shame that people only really get excited about the first especially as my partners brother has already had a boy and a girl so I worry that our future baby wont be as celebrated as theirs were. Its funny the assumptions people make about those who have large families although where I live more than 2 is considered a lot! Im on cd 9 according to my tracker so should O early next week but my cycle varies slightly so Im not sure.
Good luck Chuord at least you know your progesterone levels are good I have my fingers crossed for you Primal that scan pic is too cute I cant wait to get there Oxford your levels could not be high enough to get a bfp just yet theres still hope! Hello to all the other lovely ladies
Hi Im slightly new to yoga I downloaded an app on my phone but havent got a consistent practice going just yet I have a couple youtube channels im subscribed to but again have yet to try them I like what a previous poster s aid about just going with what your body wants to do rather than following a video or book. My questions are what mats do you use or would recommend? and how do you go about adding new poses to your practice do you do them seperately after your sun...
I never thought of using washcloths Ive got a couple of different ones but I like angelpadz, weenotions and homstead emporium.
Hi do you mind if I join? Ive had an account for a while but not really posted are any of you still ttc or have you all got your bfps?
Hello ladies   Can I join? Im relatively new to yoga I started practising on and off last year mainly doing sun salutations first thing in the morning I thinks its uch a lovely peaceful way to start the day, although I will admit that I once the winter rolled in I havent practised as much but Im looking to start it up again as part of me and my fiances 'health kick' as he calls it. As for meditation Ive done it since I was a child and love the sense of calm I get...
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