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I am blown away by the number of BFPs!! What an incredible couple of days it has been! Lea! Congratulations!!!!!! I'm on my phone so can't do smileys.
Escher:  I'm so happy for you and your DW!! I know these betas will come back with those doubling numbers!    Congratulations!!!
  Sotohana! I'm so happy for you!!! Congratulations!
KWPX: I assume that study is with women who have PCOS, anovulatory cycles, or some other type of fertility issue? Many women, like myself, ovulate naturally but are still using clomid in order to increase the number of targets, not to induce ovulation. It would be very surprising to me if I didn't ovulate because of using clomid alone.
Fmorris: I don't think the HCG would be in your system yet. You are surging naturally and hopefully the trigger will just make it a nice strong O. GL with the insem later today! Also my mom is an RN too, I'm hoping our trigger day is one when she is off work because DP hates giving that shot! Escher: I'm so happy for you and DP!!! Kwpx: the hormone interaction is so interesting! Insem will be soon and sounds very well thought out! I've heard of dexamethasone used...
Fmorris: watch the video at www.ferringfertility.com on the Novarel injection. It shows exactly how and where to do a intramuscular injection for a trigger shot. DP and I have watched this a dozen times.
Fmorris: there are different types of shots, I think the belly one is subcutaneous and the butt one is intramuscular. For my intramuscular shots the needle is nearly 3 inches long, like ridiculously long. I wish you lived near by, they gave me about 100 syringes when I picked up the trigger at the pharmacy. Maybe just go to a pharmacy, they will have them and you don't need an RX.
Darcy: I've tried temping at random times in the night, like if the dog wakes me up early, and it's just not even remotely in the reliable range. I only use the temp from the usual time (for me it's 6am) and I'm only confident in it if I got 4 solid hours of undisturbed sleep before that. If I got too little sleep it can be either oddly high or oddly low. (Im personally so very happy to be ultrasound monitoring this cycle and not temping). Don't worry about your temps...
Escher! I'm on my phone so I can't put smileys, but CONGRATS and I hope this is a sticky, healthy baby! can't wait to see the beta results!
Fmorris: I've never heard of trigger and insem the same day. Seems like that defeats the purpose of the trigger which is to mature the follies that last little push (like 24 to 40 hours later) and it takes a while for the HCG to get into your bloodstream to do that job. IUI-ready sperm does not live very long so you want to catch the O right away. If you are ovulating and you see an LH surge then there is no need to trigger (unless you trigger today/tomorrow for Thursday...
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