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I grew up in a suburb of Buffalo, and my family still lives there so we go back to visit every now and then. No clue about CSAs, but you should be able to find one. I know there are a lot of farmer's markets. Have you looked at localharvest.org for CSAs? You can use the zip code 14225 (Cheektowaga). Lots of thrift stores in the Buffalo area too. Salvation Army, AmVets, etc. Lots of garage sales too. The Elmwood Avenue area is more crunchy. I'm not sure how the...
You may want to double check in the vax forums, but I don't think that your kids having chicken pox around your dad will do anything to him. I'm assuming that he had the chicken pox while growing up, so he has lifelong immunity to them. Your kids having the chicken pox will not give your dad shingles. Shingles comes on its own. However, your kids could catch the chicken pox from your dad if he has a shingles outbreak and they touch the sores.
If you still have the car seat from the accident, I'm pretty sure that Babies R Us is still doing their "25% off a new item when you trade in a used one" which is good on car seats. I'm glad that everyone is ok!
There's been a thread every week on slickdeals.net with a list of school supply sales by store and which are the best deals. Don't forget that WalMart, Target, Staples, and most other office supply stores price match.
You'll also want to look into who has the best coverage in your area. Not worth it to save $20 a month if half of your calls are getting dropped or you can't get phone reception in your house.
Seems like everyone is having deals on this stuff cause its new. Rite Aid has a rebate on it (will get paid to take it after that coupon and rebate) and CVS has Extra Care Bucks on it (again, paid to take it).
I would fight the new assessment and property taxes. an extra $181 a month?! Ouch! Do your homework, like going on realtor.com, zillow.com, and/or local real estate websites and show the town assessor what similar houses in your area have sold for or are going for. (Some of these websites will say how long a property has been on the market. If its been sitting on the market for months at the current price, its obviously not worth that.) Mention things like an older...
For those who haven't been to Strong Hearts a bazillion times, they only have 1 high chair. However, they have a whole bunch of awesome toys (like Ninja Turtles from the 80s and trains with tracks) and crayons, coloring books, etc. You may also want to plan this for a slower time of the day, since sometimes its busy and can be hard to get enough tables for a large group. (Maybe call and ask Joel or Nick what time of day they recommend?)
Did your friend at least share with you:
Quote: Originally Posted by jump mama jump! i vote for either thurs or sat (the 13th is the coliseum/burning love/mammoth grinder show - I don't know if any of you are into that, but I'm stoked on it). I don't know what time works for you all, but i'd really prefer it not be in the morning whatever day is chosen, but will go with whatever you all want as long as it's not the evening of the 13th. Hehe, are you all wiggly giggly inside for the...
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