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That makes sense. He still isn't totally interested. I just try to intake good supplements for both of us and let him explore. He enjoys water out of a cup so I let him get that when he wants it. We'll see about food.
I hope that this doesnt come across as snarky or defensive, I don't mean it to be: Supplement wise I've been taking more to be able to give my son the minerals he would need. Getting it from the small amount of food he might play with doesn't seem like it will give him what he needs. He's charting we'll and is 11-1/2 months and has had zero interest until now which we've been letting him explore. But I didn't want to introduce early in fear of intolerance. As I have many...
Yes, but what does that have to do with solids?
Looking for stories and advice from those who waited to start solids till you little one was 12 months old.
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