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I just checked here now and I am glad to read people's updates! Your babies are gorgeous! (still!)   Life is good here. Romeo is now 9 weeks, is mostly a smiley, happy guy, and weighs in at 14 lbs. DD was a teeny baby, so he just feels huge. He is in 3 month and 6 month clothing already. Still working from home, and getting out when I can...but on a fussy day, I stay in my pajamas in order to use napping time to get work done. Breastfeeding is going very well still, and...
Beautiful photos and beautiful boy, @Catwmandu. I hope you find peace processing the hard parts of your labor and birth.
I haven't been around much lately but am happy to see that people are still posting here!   Romeo will be three weeks tomorrow, still feel like we are getting the hang of things. Some nights he will sleep for four hour stretches, but then others he just wants to nurse all night long. I think he went through a growth spurt for a few days earlier this week, and he was nursing constantly. DH goes back to work full time on Monday, he has been working half time since after...
Best of luck!
I started taking mine on day five, we are on day 7/one week since Romeo was born now. I am definitely seeing a difference in milk production, especially in the hours after I take the pills, and in my energy levels. I think "evened out" is a good way to describe the difference in mood. Mine were also prepared with the raw method, with RRL and other herbs.
Love her name, love the birth story! Congratulations!!!
@lilyofjudah my midwives are having me use organic, unflavored sushi nori on the largest of my tears (i had several very small ones, no stitches)...it acts as a second skin so that nothing sticks to anything it shouldn't, and is also supposed to be very good for it. I just tear off a very small piece and stick it to the tear. I had never heard of the remedy previously, but I do seem to be healing very nicely. I replace it after every time I use the bathroom.
She is so alert! Beautiful!
I am so in love!
Romeo Leander (Last Name) was born at home in the water this morning at 9:49 a.m. 9.25 lbs, 20 inches long. Overall everything went really well, pushing took about a half hour, I had a few minor tears but nothing that even needed stitches. He has spent most of today sleeping, but has been a nursing champ so far. He came out with a strong cry, lots of rolls, and three lbs. bigger than his sister was at birth.   Will update with photos soon!
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