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43. Dr. Anthony Capobianco, Glen Cove NY, MD, DO, Homeopath
I thought liberals were supposed to be all about choice? Where is the ACLU on this issue or do they only stand up for atheists now?
This is horrible. Even if it passes this will be overturned by the supreme court. This is a blatant violation of the first amendment.
Hi. I highly recommend Dr. Anthony Capobianco in Glen Cove. He is a Osteopath who also practices homeopathy. I take my daughter to see him and my sister takes my niece. He has done wonders for myself and family. When I started seeing him in high school I suffered from asthma. After 2 visits I never needed an inhaler again.
Thank you so much.  I will try that.
Thank you so much:)
Hello, I am looking for a vaccine friendly pediatrician in or near Swansboro NC.  My daughter was born 10 weeks premature when my wife and I went back to NY for the baby shower.  She will be out of NICU shortly and I am looking for a pediatrician who will respect our decision to not vaccinate.  Please help!
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