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Thank you for the update. Your family is still in my thoughts.
Hi all, i can certainly identify with this situation. It can drive me a little crazy sometimes. I'm TRYING to be more careful and aware of not blaming my DH for this .... I sort of directed all my frustration at him at first when my son started insisting I do most things... I blamed him for not being me mainly. Anyway ... that really wasn't helpful to the situation. It a tough one ... Developmental for us too. I really liked the above posts . Best of luck.
Hi OP, this wait must be excruciating! I imagine that you are worried sick from what you have read. Sending positive thoughts and wishes to your family!
Very true
Hi there, What keeps me awake is thinking. I'm trying to teach myself more about mindfullness and not indulging my thoughts as much. Authors such as Fiona Fay and Eckert Tolle have helped me in this respect. My son is almost 2 yrs and he has pretty much been an all night nurser until 16 days ago. I used the Sally Weans from Night Nursing book to prepare him/us. He's adapted really well. I still nurse him to sleep, once after 3am (which I will be aiming to phase out) and...
Good fun suggestions PP
Thank you TracyAmber. In fact, it's already improving. He's still doing wonderful with just one feed a night, but he has certainly increased the number of day nursings, especially in the morning. He's a sensitive soul. Hopefully more time will heal. Another contributing factor is that after 11 days of giving myself 6 hrs between nursings at night.... my period returned. It's likely that my son was also responding to changes in hormones or milk supply before my period...
Hi all, I would love some insight from mother's that have been through this: I started the process of night weaning my 23 month old DS 11 days ago. He has pretty much being an all night (or sometimes an every hour or two hour) nurser since he was born, The "Sally weans from night nursing" book has been amazing for us. We started to read it often for 3 weeks before we started night weaning and quite incredibly (in my opinion), my son has transitioned to only getting one...
P.s. what I've gained so far: - a new perspective on life and my priorities, - significant personal growth & greater confidence, - more wisdom, - a beautiful and very deep relationship with my DS
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