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Hi, My just turned one year old is worn in the Beco for both of her naps. Sleeps great in it -- two 90 min naps per day. My husband is a SAHD and therefore does the naps. When I'm home sometimes she will doze off nursing and I can set her in the crib, but inevitably she wakes within 30 min. At night I nurse her to sleep then put her in the crib. Naps work well in the Beco now, but at 12 months old she's obviously getting bigger. Did any of you have a baby this old that...
Thanks for the replies! I think I may err on the side of you-never-know, and forego the seat protector. Besides, with booster seats up next for who knows how many years, no one will even see the plain seat for years! I have an old receiving blanket on there now for at least some minimal protection.
Just bought a new car and was thinking of getting one of those padded seat protectors that promise to keep your car's leather seats from getting dents from the carseat. Just worried that these could slip or make the carseat less stable? Anyone know? And does anyone know if these really do keep your car looking nice? Thanks in advance!
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