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I just watched it. I kept thinking how horrified I'd feel if a bunch of men were sitting at a table saying women smell like fish if they still have all their lady bits. Then having the few scatter off acting scared because women smell like tuna. I'd feel so ashamed about my intact genitals. It was great to hear the points that supported bodily integrity. I still don't believe guys check out the other guys' penis and then comment on them. That is creepy. If the parents...
I would.   I have no other advice. I am so sorry. ((hugs))   There is one thing, I've heard of emt therapy for PTSD being very effective. I'm not that familiar with it to be honest. I may even have the name wrong. I'll look further into this.  
Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife That was my experience too. Finally I just let it go and never mentioned it again and he randomly said, "Well, the best way to find out is to not do it." *shrugs* He just needed to work through it. YAY!!! That is great news!!!
I understand your feeling towards your son, tragically too well. The more my friend boasted about her intact son and the more my sister-in-law did the same, it seemed as if they were comparing their son to mine. That really hurt me because I was hurting for my ds. (btw, I've since let them both know how upset I am at them for not saying a single thing to me about genital integrity before my son was born and lit into them when they said they were so glad someone had...
Quote: Originally Posted by LionLady13 I'm really worried I may have not protected my son like I should have. My husband and I took our twenty four month old son in for a doctors visit on Monday for what turned out to be strep. I asked the doctor to take a look at his penis b/c it seemed to be irritated again (had minor infection in June!) and before my husband and I could say anything he had forcibly retracted the foreskin all the way back! Doctor said...
Quote: Originally Posted by jee'smom i can't believe half of the homebirthing moms that you know circ!!!!! they care enough about their children's lives to have a gentle birth, and then take them into a doctor to have up to half of their penis cut off?!!!! seriously?!!!!!! i would've thought that most, if not almost all, homebirthing moms leave their kids intact. I'm familiar with this here too. The parents are not going to a doctor. I cannot...
WAY TO GO ENITH!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5zyZ0qBiJg
This site has a few resources for what you need. Good Luck!
Protection of Infant Boys from Wrongful Circumcision in American Hospitals
Mario's parents left his side in the NICU for just ONE hour to go home and change. It was during this 60 minutes that Mario was taken from the NICU and circumcised by Dr. Mary Jean Pazos. He wasn't even healthy enough for surgery!
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