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:)  Glad it was helpful!   Oh, and sorry for the prior typos, I was typing on my phone .
Thanks for the info! And I am really sorry to hear about your injury at the beginning of your pregnancy Sweet Huck.    I will definitely try out the exercise ball as much as possible, can't hurt. Also good to hear that you guys have made it out alive with that pain ;)
What do you think of these? http://www.diaryofafirstchild.com/2012/02/28/great-youtube-birth-videos-for-children/ My older son was 4 when his brother was born at home naturally. I wasnt quiet but i was only loud once pr twice. He slept theough it and woke up to a new baby brother, although i hadn't delivered te placenta yet It turned out great though!
I thought it was too early for sciatica pain, yet here I sit curled in a ball trying to avoid the pain. I didn't get this with my other 2 pregnancies, but i was in a bad car accident a year and a half ago. I ended up with a herniated disk and had 5 epidural steroid injects for it (they mentioned surgery, but I was highly against it). I was about 90 or 95 percent better - on a rare occassion my back would act up. While I was making my son's bed (it was his bottom bunk so I...
Planning our second HB. First one was great, under 2 hrs of labor, unassisted. We will have a MW this time though (A few reasons for changing to a MW this time. UA was a great experience though!)
Totally unprofessional, although as a man (ignoring the boss part), he may have had a temporary lapse in judgement in figuring out how to approach it since most guys (or girls) don't want to just say, 'are you pregnant?'. Obviously that would be in poor taste, especially if you weren't . But, i would just say that you weren't openly telling people until the "safe period", in the second trimester. Most people understand that. Plus you can always let him know that when...
Just wanted to say hello! We live in Mckinney and have a 6 year old, 2.5 year old (both boys), and due in late June with #3. Dh and I both work from home, so we have pretty flexible schedules. I've been in Texas for 5 years and don't know many moms, so I would love to meet up with people.
I am just over 10 wks with #3 and luckily starting to feel much better. I didnt have any nausea this time but terrible energy levels and dizziness. Both are seeming to improve a ton this past week.
Here is a good plain white AIO from blueberry basix without any labels http://www.blueberrydiapers.com/Products_3/All-in-One-Diapers_2/Snap-AIO-Cloth-Diapers_8 How about a thirsties duo Wrap? http://www.target.com/p/thirsties-duo-wrap-assorted-sizes-colors/-/A-13126718?ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001&AFID=Google_PLA_df&LNM=%7C13126718&CPNG=Baby&kpid=13126718&LID=PA&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=13126718 This bum genuis looks like you could easily cut off the...
My husband and I both work from home, we own an online marketing and consulting firm. We have client meetings to attend either every week or biweekly, but other than that we don't have to leave the house for work .
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