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I knew a mom who used a hands-free pumping set up while she commuted.  Do you have a significant enough drive to work to try that as an extra pumping time?
Hang in there, mama!  I would keep up your efforts to maintain your milk supply and continue to gently offer and entice him in any way you can think of - baths, when he is almost asleep, just waking, in a sling (give him lots of skin to skin in a sling with your shirt off).  
Have you contacted an LLL leader?  You can find one here in your area who should be able to offer you free phone or email support.  They offer free support via phone, email, and at monthly meetings.   May I ask why you are planning to pump?  Pumping is not as effective as nursing a baby at the breast.  Babies need not only breast milk but also benefit from the physical experience of nursing through skin to skin contact, the physical work the jaw does as a baby nurses,...
Sounds like you are on the right track for inducing lactation.  Good luck, mama!
Colostrum.  It can range from yellow/orange/brown and clear to pale and cloudy.  Melinda
I would not encourage more production by pumping.  Have you tried block nursing to steady your supply?  Melinda
Totally possible.  If you're not convinced, you can always go back on dairy to see if the reflux returns.  I hope you and baby are doing well  It can be really hard to go off of foods you love and rely on, but IME it is totally worth it when your baby is well and happy.   Melinda
LLL of Rutherford County will begin series meetings on   Tuesday, January 10, 2012   6 p.m.   at Crossway Baptist Church   4194 Shelbyville Highway,  Murfreesboro   We hope you can join us!    
I actually outfitted my sons' play kitchen all from stuff found at thrift stores.  wooden salad bowl, small nested mixing bowls, a small decorative cast iron frying pan, a tea strainer for a strainer, small sugar spoons, cocktail forks, cheese knives (the small ones with wooden handles and smooth blades - not sharp). . .
Whenever I am trying to get my 8 month old to sleep (or back to sleep because my 4 year old has woken him up AGAIN), my 4 year old comes in and makes annoying noises until the baby is fully awake and I am LIVID.  I have tried asking him to stay and play in the playroom, asking him to stay and eat in the kitchen, sneaking off.  I have tried talking to him about how his baby brother NEEEDS sleep, and I am trying to give him what he needs.  He understands that it only takes...
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