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@cynthiamoon and @wrenmoon, I don't think she bit me on purpose, I think her mouth hurts and she wasn't sure where her newest teeth were (and she was trying to fall asleep). My yelp surprised her at a "vulnerable" moment, so she cried. When she's awake/bites/does stuff on purpose, we do what @talldarkeyes suggested and it CAN work.   And yes, the funny noises and faces are FUNNY.
Cute cute cute, @-Resque-! Also, where did you find the zip up rashguard? We need one!
@Cynthia, generally speaking, weight gain slows drastically around 6 months - which is also when most (?) people introduce solid foods. So basically, could be causal or correlative. Sounds like Juliet's an eater. Yay!
We're starting to get some pinching/grabbing/serious kneeding of my boob/nipple. And in the last 12 hours, I think she's bitten me 6 times (including once at 3am). When she bit me this morning when she was trying to nurse into a nap, i jumped and yelped and her lower lip trembled into a cry. I think her mouth is really bothering her - teeth 7 and 8 cut through a week ago, but something is still just -off-.
Why babies really cry at night. No siblings. http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2014/04/14/302912419/why-babies-cry-at-night?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=npr&utm_term=nprnews&utm_content=20140414
Woohoo, we (finally?) bought a freezer this weekend! The side by side's freezer has been driving us both up walls and down again - and now I can do a bunch of freezer meals at once (and find them again!). What's more, I can freeze a whole bunch of cooked beans and no more cans!
Sorry ladies. Hope there's sleep in your near future!
Love the pic, Tenk!   Ordered an Osprey Poco frame backpack with my coupon because it seems like it will be the most adjustable. I hope. I looked on craigslist, but couldn't find something with a hood for the kiddo (since she rips off her hat as fast as I can put it on). I'm also at the outer limits hip-wise for all of the frame packs, so either I need to lose some weight soon, or something...
Iris is pushing 18 lbs - for the 3rd month running. She hasn't gained a pound since January (actually, more accurate is probably that she's gained/lost the same 1-2 lbs 3 or 4 times. Stupid illness). I'm pretty sure she's been between 29 and 30 inches now though as she definitely needs her 12 months sleepers for length (even though they're HUGE in the middle). Tall and skinny (just like her mama used to be). She's trying SO SO SO hard to crawl - but since she's also trying...
Iris self feeds with fingers. Very little in her hair though-she's too busy jamming stuff into her mouth. I'm petty sure she ate an entire scrambled egg for breakfast +avocado+banana. If both hands are full, she'll let us put some yogurt/sauce in her mouth without grabbing the spoon away. Making up for lost time, apparently. She's been sick so much/often this winter that she still weighs what she weighed at her 6 month appointment, even though she's definitely longer. I...
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