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Awesome!  Congrats to your husband and great job to you for supporting him through this.  I am in Ohio too (east of Dayton).
Nope.  The older two are not vax'd either.  
You did an awesome job!  He is a cutie, too.  
Congrats!  Enjoy your new little guy - I like his name.  
Nice birth story!  Our pool was only filled up a little before I got in, but it is *so* nice to get into that pool, isn't it?  Congrats!
Congrats!  I barely made it into the water for my birth.  And my daughter's first name is Rose!  
After going into labor late in the evening on my due date (4/4), our little girl was born on Friday afternoon (4/5) at home in the water!  The birth went very well and I am grateful for my wonderful midwives and very helpful husband.  My kids are so excited to have a little sister and Daddy is thrilled with his new daughter, especially as I was convinced the baby was going to be a boy.   Rose Altaira, 7lbs11oz, 19.5inches, and the cutest fuzzy head of dark hair.
  We had problems with DH feeling the strings, so much so that I had it removed after 3 years (2 years early) so we could actually enjoy sex again.  The midwife that inserted the Mirena IUD showed me how to "train" the strings (which I think are actually very thin wires?) around my cervix so they wouldn't poke out.  I tried to do that but it was kinda hard to reach my cervix sometimes.  Cutting the strings might even make them more pokey because they won't curve around...
Great job - she is beautiful.  And I love her hat!
I'm sorry.  We went through a rough time with school/job searches last spring, so I know how worried it can make you feel.  We didn't know where we were moving until the end of June and had to be out at the beginning of August.  I will hope for some good news for you soon!
New Posts  All Forums: