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Just wanted to put my 2 cents in since my son had his four front pulled just before he turned three. Most importantly check out what Weston Price has to say about tooth decay. Cod liver oil and organic raw cows milk stopped my son's decay in its tracks when NOTHING else worked. Second, he has no speech problems at this point and I am not worried that anything serious will develop in that area, in fact people often comment at how well he speaks, even people who don't...
My 3 year old just had an infection under the foreskin....swelling, redness, discharge,discomfort etc....he has been on antibiotics and things are looking much better but I am worried about this happening again. We have been going through potty training and he has been wearing pull ups training pants which is a the only change really in his routine. Has anyone else gone through this? Any tips on preventing another infection? Now that he is in underwear should that...
my ds will be three this month and he still nurses. A few weeks ago it seemed like only in the morning and at bedtime but lately he has picked up the pace. I feel like he is on the verge of a transition...he is REALLY resisiting the potty so we are taking a break on that, but I feel like he is holding back on growing up so to speak. Anyway I think it is totally fine to say no when you need to. I say no sometimes. I think that we "mothering mamas" can forget that our...
what is a klean kanteen? my ds doesn't drink much and I have often wondered if it is due to the plastic cups, but I wasn't sure what else to use. Where did you get it? Please share!!!
this past year I have been more regular than I ever have, usually 28 days exactly, if anything I will be a day early. And really the nursing can really vary, from almost nothing to more than I would like at times, and still I have remained regular. I will try and stay as tuned in with my body as possible, and hope for the best.
oh thanks for the encouragement, that is what I want to hear!!
thanks for sharing, it is very interesting trying to learn your cycle by charting your mucus. Our bodies are so amazing. Do you think my time of ovulation could fluctuate from month to month if ds nurses more one month than the next? I guess if I just watch my mucus I should know.
Ok, my ds is almost 3 and still nursing, not much, mostly in the morning, an occasional late nighter and an occasional daytime. I have had my period back for quite a while and I know the first few I had I was not ovulating. The period pretty much consisted of 3 days of light spotting and nothing else. But for at least a year now I have had regular periods coming very consistently every 28 days. My question is if you all think nursing is at all affecting when or if I...
using it right now....love it!!! This is my fourth cycle with it and I think I am just now starting to get the hang of it. Don't give up it is worth it!!
you wrote coconut milk not coconut oil LeAnnie....can you tell I have a bit of PMS right now,,,the brain is not functioning. Coconut oil is nice and filling would you say the same for the milk? It must be good with some banana and pineapple.
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