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I posted this in the picture thread but thought I should put it here as well.   I finally got to meet my baby boy on Sunday May 5th at 1:56pm after 35 hours of horrible back labor.  We tried everything to have the natural home birth we wanted but due to his position in the birth canal, all my hours of pushing were for nothing because he couldn't get past my pubic bone.  We ended up having the dreaded c- section.  He was 8lbs 4 oz and 20.5 inches at birth.  His name...
          So I finally had my little guy on May 5th at 1:56pm after about 35 hours of hard back labor.  In the end although we tried everything, he was positioned badly and couldn't get past my pubic bone.  So it ended in a c-section rather than the beautiful home birth I had planned.  But he's safe and healthy so I try to focus on that.  He was 8lbs 4 ounces at birth.  His name is Jacob Daniel.
Well this is it, finally!     I went to see my midwife to have her do a membrane sweep if I was dilated enough and as we walked up to her standing outside her building my water broke!  That was about 6pm last night.  I had a few braxton hicks that were exactly an hour apart but not too painful so I went to sleep and woke up two hours later with one hell of a contraction!  They continued at an hour apart for two hours and then started getting closer and I'm about to...
Oh no!  Wow, well maybe this is a sign it will happen on its own?  I don't remember what your reason was for having to be induced but maybe your labor will start on its own today!  Wouldn't that be kind of freaky?     And thank you Ironmam and Tiffany, I hope so too.  Had a couple of the strongest contractions yet but they were pretty far apart.  We'll see.
That's what we're thinking of doing.
I wish I had known my son wanted to have a May birthday.  I wouldn't have started my maternity leave on the due date if I had known.  That was April 22nd and I swore when I woke up at 4:30 that morning that I was going to have him that day.  I felt a lot of new symptoms but nope.  Every day since then I've alternated between feeling hopeful and feeling depressed that he's not here yet.  And every day the contractions have gotten just a little stronger and just a little...
Yep looks like I should have been in the May club.  But then I wouldn't have read about all of you wonderful ladies, haha.
Well I was due April 22nd so I've been in the April due date club but apparently I should have been in this one the whole time.  My baby has something against April birthdays so here we are in May at a week and 2 days overdue.  I think they got the date wrong maybe.  Anyway:   My name is Kate I'm 24, my husband's name is Nathan he's 28  We live in NY (upstate) This is our first child It's a boy! His name will be Jacob Daniel We're having a home birth in a...
Skipping certain ones (ex. Hep B) at least until he's older (like 10 or older).  The rest we will be spacing out quite a bit.
That's good to hear maybe that will happen for me.  No plug here yet either.  Thanks for replying.
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