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She is so so precious Dani!! 
Beautiful, Shiloh!!    PS- if anyone would like to join the ddc facebook group, just message me! :)
Ahh, so cute peacemama!!
Beautiful family! 
Agreed! I'd love to hear from people!
He's such a chunk, Mainemama! So so cute :)
Oh my gooooosh, adorable!!! I love these pictures!
Abk, your description of being an asshole made me laugh! I'm the exact same way! I pretty much just do what I want and don't give a rat's ass if someone **coughhusband'sauntscough* doesn't like it. I absolutely cannot stand it when my choices as a mother are questioned, like cloth diapering, co-sleeping occasionally, or how much I hold or nurse Lily. And I'm not even all that crunchy either, just somewhere in the weird middle ground haha. Luckily my sister in law and a...
Hahahaha I love it!
I use and love Bum Genius 4.0's
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