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Aw poor little guy! I hope your son's hand heals quickly, Maine mama! 
Thinking of you and sending labor vibes, Em!! I hope tonight is the night for you!
Sending lots of labor thoughts to you!! My contractions have slowed down a bunch  I'm hoping they'll get moving again tonight, or that maybe I can get something going by taking a long walk tomorrow. 
I've been losing sizable chunks of my mucus plug today.. Lots of contractions too, and they're definitely not bh! I so hope this leads somewhere good!!!    Rainy, my fingers are still crossed for you that you'll go into labor on your own! 
Rainy, what moves did she recommend to help baby engage? I feel like I'm having the same issue.
Great story! He is so cute!! Congratulations!
Glad to hear everything went well, Shiloh! I hope you continue to heal well and that Rose's jaundice clears up quickly!    Littlebird, it sounds like you're having an amazing time getting to know your little one :) I cannot wait for my turn!    I'm almost 41 weeks now! UGH. I'm feeling ok, just tired of waiting really. Lots of contractions that get my hopes up and then dissipate. 
Congratulations Shiloh! So glad your birth went well!
Congratulations!! She's adorable! 
Congrats Littlebird!
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