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Cindy-lu- Ahh congratulations!! She is sooo sweet! Perfect little baby :)    Rainy, I want to run and hide too!! I wish no one knew that today was my due date. If one more person sends me a text asking where the baby is, or saying to get a move on, or any other kind of "funny" message, I'm going to scream. Even the people who mean well, and just ask how I'm feeling today are getting on my nerves because I feel like they're only asking if I think the baby will come soon....
Today is my due date, so I'd say I'm more than ready for my baby to be here! I have a doctor's appt today, hopefully there will be some change to my cervix. I'm really nervous that I'll be told it's still closed up tight. Other than being nervous about today's appt, I'm doing ok emotionally, I guess. I'm starting to get really really tired of the pressure I feel like people are putting on me (unintentionally) to "have the baby already". I know people mean well, but it just...
Congrats Cindy-lu! And good luck in your c section today!! It will all go beautifully, I'm sure! 
Thanks ladies! Dalia, you crack me up!!    Graci, I love your timeline pics!! 
Everyone looks so great!! It's going to be weird to not have a big belly in the way when our babies arrive!    Here I am, a few days short of 40 weeks.  
I'm with you mamas! I'll be 40 weeks tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on if you go by my ovulation or LMP. Been having mild contractions for a few hours now, but no real change in intensity. So I'm just trying to ignore them. Hopefully we'll be having another slew of babies soon!!
Just a kinda lazy, sleepy day here. Other than being crampy and having a few contractions that probably mean nothing, there's no news here!
Yay! Good luck Soleil! Thinking of you!   Slammerkin, I'm glad to hear things are getting better with your husband! I'm sure your photos will be beautiful!
Thanks, Revolting, that's really great to know! 
That definitely could be her little butt sticking out up top :) It's so hard to decipher what is going on in there! I'm just going to do simple things to encourage her to be anterior, cause there's no harm in being safe. Plus, it's super easy stuff like sitting on a birth ball and doing some pelvic exercises on it. And it's way comfier for my back than it is to sit propped up on a million pillows on the couch! 
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