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Big hugs, Slammerkin  Fighting is never fun, and especially hard when you're so close to having a baby. I hope things look up for you soon! I'm sorry your husband let you down, mama. Lots of love coming your way!       Does anyone know much about fetal positioning? I think my little one is posterior, most likely facing my left, but I'm not positive. It's stressing me out! I've been doing pelvic tilts and the tailor sit to try to open my pelvis and let her rotate, but...
Thanks Serafina, I know cervical checks pretty much mean nothing, but it was just a little disheartening! I'm hoping that I can dance this baby out at a wedding I'm going to on Saturday lol!    OklaFarmMama, I completely understand what you mean about everyone watching you!! It's kind of driving me nuts though, haha! If I go a day without talking to my parents, or don't answer a phone call or text within half an hour, my parents spazz out and assume I'm at the hospital....
It could mean she's starting to shift down. That happened to me around 35 weeks 
You're very right, Cindy-lu :) I just needed a little pity party for a minute  Fingers are crossed for you to have your little one soon!! 
I just found this article and it made me chuckle. I think we're all at stage 5 at this point (stage 6 for some lucky ladies!!  ) The part about the kool aid man really spoke to me, haha.   http://www.scarymommy.com/stages-of-pregnancy/?utm_source=crowdignite.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=crowdignite.com
Congratulations, Happi!! I love the name, and she's adorable!!
Yay, glad your appt went well Rainy! Sometimes it's the little things that make us the happiest :)  I had my 39 week appt today too, and I'm totally discouraged now. I'm 50% effaced, but my cervix is still completely closed. She couldn't even begin to get a finger in it. I'm feeling really down and frustrated now, because I've been having so many contractions, and it feels so pointless now. I'm definitely just really bummed out. I was hoping to hear that I was at least a...
Aww, congratulations! So happy for you! She's beautiful!
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