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I'm glad she's feeling better today! Sick babies are so sad! But a big hooray for sleep, haha!
Did you end up going to a doctor, Superbeans? How's your gal?
I'm sure she's ok too, Superbeans, but I guess it's just a better safe than sorry thing. It'll be ok mama :)
Aw, sorry your little one isn't acting like herself :( I'd call the doctor to get a professional opinion, but I'm also a worrier. 
I think it'll work to have both :) You won't get abandoned!
I'll be on both as well :) 
That works, Ciga. I still plan to be around on here anyway :)
Thanks Danielle! 
I found you, Littlebird :) 
Adorable, ciga!! He looks like such a sweetie!   I need to get an official 8 week picture, but here's my sweet girl experiencing her first snow fall! (In my nephew's hand me down bunting hehe)  
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