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Can you buy mesh undies at a store? I've never had to look for them before!
I don't mean depends haha  I'm talking about regular cotton undies
Where do you get disposable undies? Or do you just mean a pack of plain ol' undies that you won't care about tossing? 
Oh, that's a good call Ciga, I didn't even think about that but it would make a lot of sense. 
Mainemama, ughhhh fleas suck! I hope you can get it all under control quickly! So annoying and uncomfortable to deal with, especially with needing to vacuum but being in pain! Don't feel bad- I just self medicated with some samoa cookies.. you know, the girl scout kind with chocolate and caramel and coconut? Holy yum.    Rainyday, ohh no that does stink that you got kind of forgotten, but it's good that you have such a nice attitude about it, and that you've been lucky...
Cindy-lu, yeah, a big n-o on the Ren fest from me too lol! If we went, I'd just end up being the dd anyway. It seriously pisses me off when people automatically look at me when the mention of a designated driver comes up (my husband actually doesn't do this but some friends/family have). They do it like I'm not even standing there, and volunteer me for it! I flat out tell them no way. I get so pissed. I'm not just some convenience for you because I'm pregnant. I miss...
So unfair. I'm trying to be understanding, and let him just do his thing until the baby is here. He's working, and I'm not right now, so I try to cut him some slack. But I'm not going to be ok with it if he gets his time "to unwind" and I'm always left behind after we have our baby. Maybe I'm just being over emotional and hormonal, I don't know. I tell him all the time that it would be nice if he'd make actual plans with me, and he always says that I'm welcome to come do...
Agreed, Abk! It only got on my nerves because I want to do fun things with him, but he doesn't think about whether or not something is going to be fun for me. 
Ok, quick husband rant. Does anyone else's husband/sig. other ask them stupid questions like, "wanna meet me and *name a friend* at the bar for happy hour?" .. UM gee, thanks, but no. And then when you say no, he asks why?? WHY DO YOU THINK???! *deeep breath* ok. I'm ok. I love my husband with all my heart, but some moments,I just want to strangle him. This is one of those moments.   Back to your regularly scheduled weekly chat, lol. 
I want to start taking EPO and drinking RRL tea, but can't find it! I might end up ordering some off amazon or something if I can't find it at a store. I've also been staying pretty active by taking walks, and obsessively cleaning my entire house, lol. The other morning, I woke up with the urge to clean the ceiling fans  I've just been on an insane cleaning and organizing spree! I've been making freezer meals as well, and have a pretty decent stockpile.. probably 17 or 18...
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